MA Spotlight (Take Two) — Sarah Curd

You got to know Tayo a few weeks back, now it’s time to meet the lovely Sarah Curd, who was kind enough to indulge me by filling out my oh-so-serious and very in-depth survey on what it’s like to be a Public Texts student. See her answers after the cut!

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Three-Minute-Thesis (Public Texts Version)

This year, Trent’s Public Texts grad students will be celebrating the end of the semester “Three-Minute-Thesis Style” with a colloquium designed to showcase the term’s best work. The event and reception (both open to the public) takes place on Monday April 7th at 3:00 pm in Bagnani Hall where ten presenters will share their strongest […]

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Writing for Academia – Some Advice from the Cheaper Seats

Today’s guest-post comes courtesy of professor Michael Morse. At our request, Michael has agreed to provide his insight into how essay writers can approach developing their craft. That’s it for me; take it from here Michael! Dear comrades, forgive my intrusion into a blog arena that’s not supposed to be for the likes of me. I saw some writing […]

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Looks like We Made It (Almost)

It’s almost here, the end of the semester. Only two more weeks to go before classes come to a close and the madness of essay writing begins. Among the Public Texts’ students that I’ve polled (or rather accosted) this week, popular consensus seems to be that cranking out a couple of essays at home is […]

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casa loma

The 7 Deadly Sins of Essay Writing

For many first-year undergraduate students, adjusting to university essay standards can be a struggle. Suddenly, constructing something that resembles an argument doesn’t cut it anymore. Professors expect polished writing that actually creates an enjoyable reading experience. Such were my thoughts when I sat down to mark my latest batch of midterm papers. Far from being […]

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Adventures in Crowdfunding

In the past few years, crowdfunding has emerged as a way for creative types to solicit monetary contributions from the public in order to finance their new projects. Increasingly would-be inventors, aspiring musicians, struggling filmmakers, and countless others have all begun to flock on the Internet, launching campaigns on crowdfunding websites in the hopes of […]

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Road Trip!

This past November, my Public Texts classmates and I experienced a guided tour of the Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library in Toronto. Situated at the heart of U of T’s St. George Campus, the collection boasts over 700,000 rare books, strikingly displayed in an atrium. When you’re confronted by a catalogue that is centuries deep, […]

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Lev Manovich inside the Architect’s room from Matrix: Reloaded

In Conversation with Lev Manovich

What follows is a totally real, not at all imaginary or fictional conversation between Lev Manovich, new media theorist and author of The Language of New Media, and yours truly.

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